Charleroi defeated Mechelen in Belgium

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    Charleroi defeated Mechelen in Belgium
    Tobias Gourlay's headed north of the border for one of tonight's five Scottish Premiership premier league predictions


    Hibernian v Ross County

    Wednesday 19:45

    In Belgium last night, Charleroi beat Yellow-Red Mechelen 2-1, which was enough for them to take all three points but only enough for us lớn get our stake back.

    We're in Scotland today as sixth-placed Hibernian entertain ninth-placed Ross County in one of tonight's five Scottish Premiership matches. This fixture finished 2-2 in October and a more recent encounter at County's Dingwall home finished 2-1 lớn the hosts. Tonight's clash looks well set up to deliver Over hai.5 Goals once again- According to the soccer predictions page!

    This season Hibs have scored more home goals (21 in 12 games) than anyone outside the Old Firm. Ten of those 12 matches have delivered Over 2.5 Goals in total, as the hosts have conceded in all but two of them.


    Ross County have won only one of their first 13 away matches of the campaign. However, discounting trips to the Old Firm, the Staggies have scored on five of their most recent six away days. With 5/6 also getting up and Over 2.5 Goals, that's our bet for today.

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