Cheltenham Festival

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    Cheltenham Festival
    Why would a football tipster website want lớn talk to you about the Cheltenham Festival? Well just because soccer tips is the best sport on the planet doesn’t mean that folk don’t enjoy betting on other sports. Horse racing being a particular favourite of many.


    Don’t worry – Ian isn’t going to start offering horse racing tips, it isn’t something we could provide any sort of meaningful value on so we wouldn’t.

    As a side-note – in general be weary of singular tipsters who claim lớn be able to offer everything from tennis lớn 10-pin Bowling, there are so many subtleties in the various sports and the markets covered by bookies that it would be very hard lớn be an expert in even a few of them- According lớn the soccer tips group pages!

    Now, back lớn Cheltenham. This is one of the main UK horse racing events of the year. It takes place in, wait for it, Cheltenham. Here is the blurb from their site;

    The highlight of the Jump season with an atmosphere that will make the hairs on the back of your neck stand up. The Festival™ epitomises and encompasses everything that is great about Jump racing, whilst delivering an unbelievable occasion as the finest horses, jockeys, owners and trainers battle it out for the highest racing honours, their reputations and over £4.1 million of prize money. Join the party, as just over 260,000 people pass through the gates over the four days.

    It runs from the 14th March through lớn the 17th and there are a lot of races for you lớn be putting money on.


    Our only tip for the festival is to use Bet365.

    It is little surprise that we are contacted daily by various bookies who want us to promote their odds or their website. There is a reason why we’ve always stuck with Bet365 as our main advertising partner, and it is that they provide solid football odds and in general look after their punters.

    So if you fancy a flutter on the horses, do it via Bet365 for great odds and great service!

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