Interview with Kelly Smith directly

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    Interview with Kelly Smith directly
    Kelly Smith laments on England getting knocked out of the World Cup semi-final, as well as her thoughts on that tea celebration… You can prefer to the europa league predictions page!


    The women's game can be proud of that match
    I think the England v USA match was a brilliant spectacle, a real showcase event. Obviously, it was always going to be a tough task playing the number one team in the world but the belief and the progression the Lionesses made was spectacular. I hoped and prayed that they could win the game, but it wasn't meant lớn be. At least the match had it all for me, VAR, the missed penalty, a red card and it was end-to-end soccer tip bet.

    It was a missed opportunity lớn get lớn a World Cup final but you can't blame the players, they gave everything they had and then some. Steph Houghton stepped up and took penalty, and you have to consider that these things do happen in games. Players miss penalty kicks, goalkeepers save them, it's just luck of the draw and it's just unfortunate that it had to be England on this occasion.


    On the penalty, I would want someone on my team who is confident to take a spot kick. If you're not, I wouldn't want you to do that as you'd be fighting a losing battle. It is hard to understand why Ellen White doesn't like taking them; she is a striker, she's the one who has scored the majority of goals and has had moments of utter brilliance. She also has composure in front of goal, maybe she's at the best when she's not thinking about having the ball, the time or space around her and that's why all her goals came from quite tight situations.

    She's not the assured and not the greatest at taking penalties from experience, thinking about the run up and the placement of the ball, but that's her prerogative and her choice. Fair play lớn her not putting herself in that situation. Other people want lớn take it, step up to do it, well, they all have a 50/50 chance. Don't blame White for not taking it, don't blame Houghton for taking it. It's the way football is.

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