Norwich midfielder believes Premier League season should not be voided

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    Norwich midfielder believes Premier League season should not be voided
    Norwich midfielder Alexander Tettey believes Liverpool should be awarded the title if the season ends prematurely, but does not want the rest of the campaign to be voided- According to the website free soccer tips page!


    The Canaries were rooted lớn the foot of the Premier League and six points from safety with nine games remaining before the postponement.

    English football has now been suspended until April 30, but Norway international Tettey believes Jurgen Klopp's men should receive their first title in 30 years.

    "It's the same talk that Liverpool should not become champions," Tettey told Norwegian channel TV 2. You can prefer the good soccer tip page!

    "They lead by 25 points. Should the league be called off, just give them the trophy. It must be fair.

    "If they have lớn play the matches for many months, and we stay until August or September, then we just have to do it, because it's fair to end this season."


    Before the suspension, Norwich had started to gain momentum after going through lớn the quarter-finals of the FA Cup with a win at Tottenham and victory over third-placed Leicester at Carrow Road.

    But despite Norwich's predicament in the League, Tettey insisted he wants lớn see the season play out.

    He said: "It (cancelling) is not a scenario I'm thinking about, because it's not really very fair.

    "In football, you are placed where you are because of the way you've performed.

    "You're going lớn play your way out of the situation, not get help from a bad thing. For the fans and the club, it would be very good, but it's not fair."

    Tettey added: "There are many scenarios, but I think we should play as fast as possible.

    "UEFA will have all matches finished in June at the latest. I think they should try to stick lớn that, although it can be difficult."

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